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This is how it all started

Proctor & Gamble/Tide sponsored a mini-documentary on the life of Billionaire P.A. and took us into the center of how he created Wealthy Minds. Sleeping in the back of his truck in Northern California with no money, food, nor family and a broken spirit and mind. This would motivated Billionaire P.A., to create over 4,000 inspirational quotes that would go on to not only inspire him to greatness, but others as he now infects billions of people to speak their dreams into existence and develop a Wealthy Mind.

What the world is saying about Wealthy Minds

"As someone who has interacted with hundreds of business owners, community leaders and persons within the political realm I can honestly say that I have not come across someone as dynamic, bold and enthusiastic as Mr. Billionaire PA. His message of Speak Dreams and Execution are a mantra that I have adopted in my own personal life. I am happy to have him as a friend, peer and mentor because he truly understands the value of hard-work, persistence, dedication, teamwork and most importantly....relationships."
"When I was 4 years old, I had a stoke and was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Doctors said I would have to learn how to walk and talk all over but they was WRONG!  I am now 10 years old and after going to Wealthy Minds, I’m Speaking my Dream into Existence that I will be a actress, songwriter, and singer."
"Moving back to California was very ruff for me between my divorce, closing my Day Spa and having my then 1 and 9 year old daughters with me. I was beginning to think LA was not the place for my family.  Then one night while out to dinner, I met Billionaire P.A. and I knew he and my daughter LaKeia had to meet. After being invited to the "Dream Wall" and learning about Wealthy Minds & Speak Dreams "Wealthy Wednesdays"; my daughters, LaKeia, Kamora, and I will never stop speaking our dreams into existence."
“Wealthy Minds has challenged my thinking about pursuing and involving myself with what makes me come alive. Billionaire P.A. has encouraged me to focus on my dreams as opposed to my circumstances. Wealthy Minds is all about executing our dreams so that we can add to the world and the community of change agents.  I speak my dreams into existence that I will be a wealthy serial entrepreneur that transforms lives through what we create."
​“I am a 51 years old and was wondering where the next 50 years of life would take me. After meeting Wealthy Minds, a vision came into focus. Wealthy Minds inspired me to taking my passion of helping others to the next level by creating a website devoted to connecting the world with inspiring people. Wealthy Minds helped me realize I am not too old to continue to speak, live, and grow my dream. Thank you Wealthy Minds. I am forever grateful.  I speak into existence to live a life of positivity, that is an example and inspiration to others and to promote the message of motivational and inspirational people."

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